Curriculum Vitae

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My academic life in a nutshell. You can find the full version of my CV here.

Current position

  • October 2022
    PIMS Post-doctoral Fellowship Department of Mathematics and Statistics. University of Calgary. Calgary. Alberta. Canada
    Under the sponsorship of: Prof. Dr. Cristian Rios


  • October 2018-September 2022
    Doctoral Candidate, Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis, School of Science, Aalto University. Espoo, Finland.
    Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Juha Kinnunen.
  • October 2015-March 2018
    Master of Science in Mathematics, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany.
    Title of Master’s Thesis: “Hilbert expansions in Kinetic Equations”.
    Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Juan José L. Velázquez.
  • August 2010-June 2015
    Bachelor in Mathematics, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México City, México. (HONORABLE MENTION)
    Title of Bachelor’s Thesis: “Brezis-Nirenberg’s Problem”.
    Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mónica Alicia Clapp Jiménez-Labora.


  • 2022
    Doctoral training Grant for 2022 from the Väisälä Fund.
  • 2021
    Doctoral training Grant for 2021 from the Väisälä Fund.
  • October 2016-April 2018
    CONACYTDAAD Scholarship for my Master’s Studies.

Travel grants


  • Spanish: Native
  • English: Fluent
  • Italian: Fluent
  • German: Basic
  • Finnish: Basic